Commissioner Tim Boyd is happy that Coty Wamp won

She defeated Boyd's political nemesis, Neal Pinkston

HAMILTON COUNTY (WDEF) – Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd didn’t hide his happiness with the outcome of the District Attorney Race.

Boyd has constantly hounded District Attorney Neal Pinkston over hiring both his wife and his brother-in-law in his office and how it violated state rules.

So when commissioners congratulated both the winners and losers in yesterday’s elections, Boyd told us he was particularly happy to see Coty Wamp defeat the incumbent Pinkston.

“that was one that i worked pretty hard one for several months keeping the public informed on what DA Pinkston had done and continues to do as far as being in violation of the nepotism act.”

Boyd, himself, is also leaving office this year after deciding not to run for re-election.

He and Pinkston have had a long political feud going since the D-A prosecuted him on an extortion complaint by a political foe.

Those charges were eventually dropped after a hung jury.

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