Community helps bring homeless man and dog back together

BRADLEY COUNTY, Tennessee- I got a piece of my heart back. I’ll think the SPCA for the rest of my life,” said Dog owner, Ryan Walden.

A few weeks ago, Walden gave up his dog, ‘Twillight,’ to save her life and thought he might never see her again.

“Ryan had his dog on a leash and she got caught up and when he unclippied the leash, she ran with another dog and got hit by a car and was drag for about a mile or so. Ryan was here just sobbing uncontrollably,” said Bradley County SPCA senior volunteer, Teari Haefs.

“She did not look the best if you see a dog in that type of condition most of the time the outcome isn’t the best,” said vet assistant, Kayla Clark.

Walden is homeless and couldn’t afford the emergency surgery. He thought the only way she could get taken care of, is if he surrendered her. However, the community came together and all the medical expenses were paid for by donation through the SPCA in Bradley County.

“They’re good people because I couldn’t afford it. I’m currently homeless and out of work but I’m blessed,” said Walden.

The Bradley Veterinarian Hospital saved her life and the hospital waved several hundred dollars worth of boarding fees.

Both Walden and Twillight were missing each other, so the SPCA adopted her back to Walden.

“Even though she wasn’t living in a home at the time she was very well loved and healthy and taken care of,” said Haefs.

“That’s a true man’s best friend, truly it is. And I thank all the people who donated and gave him my heart back,” said Walden.

Haefs said although normally, the SPCA does not normally adopt out to a homeless person, but both Twillight and her dad were missing each other terribly and he takes incredible care of Twillight.

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