Community and Law Enforcement Relations

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The verdict of Derek Chauvin is now forcing leaders to figure out how to improve relations with law enforcement in our own community.

Police Chief David Roddy was one of the first Chiefs to condemn the actions of Chauvin publicly.

In a tweet, Chief Roddy says in part “If you wear a badge and you don’t have an issue with this… turn it in.”

Chauvin’s guilty verdict doesn’t solve the level of dissatisfaction in the minds of social justice activists.

“How many other people who were murdered at the hands of police last year had officers indicted” asked Activist Marie Mott.

Marie Mott spearheaded a movement that influenced protesters to spill into the streets of Chattanooga following George Floyd’s death.

Mott suggested ways to improve policing in her own community.

“Support initiatives by ‘Community Control Now’ and ‘Concerned Citizens for Justice’ for an oversight board that is actually made up of people from the community that are going to oversee the actions and have some external accountability over our police department” said Mott.

Senator Marsha Blackburn tells News 12 that Senator Tim Scott’s proposed police reform bill can offer solutions to the public’s relationship with law enforcement by way of training and policies.

“Also making certain that there is a registry that is shared nationally for those officers that have been removed from a force so they do not go to another jurisdiction” said Senator Blackburn.

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