Community members participate in “Principal for a Day” program

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) -Tuesday was the 2nd annual “Principal for a Day” program.

“One of the main priorities of a principal and that is really understanding what’s going on in his school, which means understanding the people,”says Robyn Carlton, who shadows at Thrasher Elementary School.

It takes a village to keep a school running.

But in the front of that village stands a Principal.

Members of the community got the opportunity to shadow a local Principal and find out what it really takes to keep a school running smoothly.

“The challenges that they have here, they are introducing a lot of different solutions and making those challenges more tangible. They can provide solutions for parents to give their kids an education,” says Keldren Icet, shadow at East Lake Elementary.

The principals also took the time to teach the shadows about the school system and answer any questions they may have.

“First I wanted to see what you already know about Hamilton County. Also, Schools are our priorities. You know, what are some things you know, what are something’s you have heard, what are some misconceptions that I can help clear up if I can about how schools operate,”says Joyce Lancaster, East lake Elementary School Principal

The participants were randomly assigned to a school and shadowed from 8 a.m. to 11:30.

Then, they all met up at Red Bank High School to talk about what stood out to them.

“I was surprised by the diversity of the school.” says Icet.

And what it means to have a solid relationship with your students.

“When things go kinda bad for you, or you are having a rough day, then you know you have a friend.” says Carlton.

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