Companies where your dog can go to work, too

While “Take Your Dog to Work Day” is Friday, some U.S. companies allow pets to come to the office every day.

Around 44 percent of Americans would consider a career move for a pet-friendly workplace, a survey by Wellness Natural Pet Food found.

Dogs in the office can lower stress levels in workers and actually lead to increased productivity, according to Rena Lafaille of the ASPCA. But there are considerations before creating an open-door dog policy.

“Maybe your co-worker might be scared of dogs or really allergic,” Lafaille told CBS News. “Something else to consider: Dogs do like to get into wires and chew on wires.”

That’s why many companies with such policies also have designated pet areas and require dogs to be trained before they are brought to the office.

Looking for a dog friendly office? According to career site Glassdoor, these are among the companies that have policies allowing pets to come to the office

  • Nestle Purina

  • Amazon

  • TicketMaster

  • PetSmart

  • littleBits

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