Company moving headquarters to Dayton

DAYTON, Tennessee (WDEF) – Tennessee Governor Bill Lee and commissioner Bob Rolfe announced this morning that Master Manufacturing Group will be relocating its headquarters from California to Dayton, Tennessee.

Over 70 new jobs will be created in the next three years.

M-M-G will invest almost four million dollars to prepare the new location.

They will be providing custom tube and pipe manufacturing services.

Services at the plant will include robotic and welding processes.

Rhea County’s Director of Economic & Tourism Council tells us “The company is actually owned by some folks that live in Tennessee and they have just been looking for an opportinuty to bring their companies location back to Tennessee because they knew it was a place where you know, your work force is a little different, your work force is excited to have an opportunity to work.”

Their new facility is currently being renovated.

But, you can still apply for entry level positions now.

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