Congressional Candidate’s Billboards causing controversy

Polk County, Tenn. (WDEF) Seeing campaign billboards won’t surprise anyone as decision 2016 gets closer, but a campaign billboard in Polk County caught the attention of a lot of people…..

The billboard read, “Make America White Again.”

It was put up by Rick Tyler who is campaigning for Tennessee’s 3rd District in the House of Representatives.

The billboard has since been taken down but not before being seen by many Polk County residents …

“That sign is no reflection of how I feel and the rest of the community. It is an embarrassment, an embarrassment.”

“Honestly, I think it is more or less a disgrace to all people, just all people, not just white people, not just black people. I think it more just disrespectful.”

Tyler has a second sign in Bradley County on Highway 64 with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” quote written prominently over a White House surrounded by Confederate Flags.

News 12 reached out to Rick Tyler for an interview but because we would not agree to his terms, our request was denied.

The Tennessee GOP issued a statement in regards to Tyler’s signs…
saying, “There’s no room for this type of hateful display in our political discourse. Racism should be rejected in all its heinous forms in the 3rd Congressional Distract and around the country.”

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