Congressman Chuck Fleischmann Visits Scenic City to Discuss STEM program

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Congressman Chuck Fleischmann visits Hamilton County Schools to discuss expanding the STEM program.

The purpose of this trip was to highlight the importance of expanding K- 12 computer science education at the local, state and federal levels to ensure all students can successfully compete in the global economy.

House Representative Chuck Fleischmann visited Hamilton County schools to not only see how the program is being operated, but to try and gain support in increasing computer literacy programs.

Rep. Chuck Fleischmann stated,  “Republicans and Democrats working together trying to carve out a separate line item in the budget for computer science literacy, now this will not increase any budgets but what it will do is specifically carve out funds specifically directed for our schools nationally.”

Senior Quentin Crumb is one of the many students in the Stem program and wants to see the program expand saying that it is beneficial to all ages.

“It’s very important for students to be getting adept into computer science skills because that’s such a huge industry coming out nowadays and it’s also really fun to be able to learn and manipulate computers with these skills,” said Crumb.

Moving outside, concerned residents crowded the schools trying to get the Congressman’s attention saying that he has forgotten how to be accessible to the people he serves.

Rachael Campbell says,  “I would like to know what he is going to do to stop the agenda of President Trump , I have no interest in squashing everything President Trump does. I have an interest in protecting my LGBTQ friends and family, I have an interests in protecting my environment, I have an interest in protecting my children’s schools.

We got a chance to exclusively talk with the Representative to discuss these accusations.

In response Rep. Chuck Fleischmann stated, ” To the protesters I would say please continue to have faith in our great republic , um let’s face it there are districts like mine that are rock solid conservative republican districts and there are districts in other parts of the country that solid blue.

” Answer us, talk to us, we don’t want to yell at you, we want to have a civil conversation,” said Campbell.

“I rather focus on the positive , to those few protesters those handful that was out there I would say look continue to exercise you constitutional right,” said Rep. Fleischmann.

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