Consultants continue to tackle parking headaches in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)–  After an 8-month parking study, a group of organizations in Chattanooga are hoping they will come up with some recommendations about how to fix parking issues in the area.

The River City Company, Carta, UTC, the City of Chattanooga and Erlanger are working with consultants to eliminate some of the parking headaches for anyone coming into downtown Chattanooga.

Joel Mann, one of the consultants says, “We are seeing a lot of opportunities here and we are seeing a lot of parking that is not being used and there is parking that is very busy there is opportunity to share and manage that differently in a way that can get a lot more out of what we have.”

Since January, those consultants counted every space in these areas, and then every two hours on certain days they counted how many of those spots were taken.
Leading up to Monday night where they put their work up on display for residents to weigh in on the findings and offer possible solutions.

Blythe Bailey, the Administrator for the city’s Department of Transportation, says “Just changing the way we think about how we access the down town so we can improve the situation related to parking demand and supply just by changing how we move around downtown.

The different organizations believe the community feedback is crucial so after the shot presentation community members could voice their frustrations to members of the different groups and get feedback about their communities specifically.

Consultants couldn’t say what, if any, major developments would come from this study.


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