Consumer News: Chattanooga’s Hottest Electronic Items this Holiday Season

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- This year, there have been major advances in consumer technology.

Well as you already know many people are returning gifts or exchanging like they do after every holiday, but we wanted to see what was Chattanooga’s 2016’s hottest electronic item.

We talked to a few experts and customers to see what they thought.

Brandon Cross, a sales associate at Best Buy stated, “Most things that we’ve sold would probably be a cross between you know apple products or the wear-ables… they are two of the most busy things you have the fit-bits that everyone is trying on now, the apple watches they are real popular and everyone into tablets whether it be small as the Ipad mini two or something like the Ipad Pro.”

After talking to him, we went to another expert at Best Buy,Shawn Hickey, who is the designated apple consultant says, “My favorite product, im going to have to say is the MacBook Pro, the new MacBook Pro, the touch bar feature is really cool especially for a guy like me I do a little bit of music production.”

Butwhen asking the customers shopping around they said this,
” I really like the virtual reality set, the gear V-R, It’s really immersive, I have that too. It’s really fun, ” said Caleb Wooten
We even caught to kids playing with the test Virtual Reality headsets.

As we walked up on them we could Eylin Wood exclaim,  “Oh my gosh it’s a shark swimming under me… Oh my God!”

Her other firend testing it out, Kagen Collins says,  “I like that it’s really virtuality andyou get to see real stuff in life”

When we asked another teen what was her favorite item, the headsets again came up, b ut in a slightly different way.
“The virtual reality headset thing but for the PlayStation which was really interesting because there are some cool games that will just make the game even better because I am a big gamer, said Savannah McNabb.

Going back to the experts, we asked Ray Harris, what product he preferred.
“Virtual Reality because you can use that with drones”

Reporter: How So?
“Well you can connect that with your device… your vitual reality device to your smart phone or anything like that or if you have a tablet and then you can actually visualize your drone has a camera capability and you can actually see it fly wherever it goes,” said Harris.

Speaking with a few more people from there we determined that the Virtual Reality headsets went home with the prize of one the best selling item of 2016 with apple products like the new MacBook Pro in a strong second place.

But if you think otherwise, let us know on our Facebook page.

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