Convicted serial thief captured in Red Bank

RED BANK, Tennessee(WDEF) –  A convicted serial thief was captured by Red Bank police after he reportedly broke into a home while people were inside.

Taylor Millard and his mom Sherri were home when their alarm was reportedly triggered by Jesse Vaughan, 25. Vaughan is a convicted burglar who was already on parole when he reportedly made entry through an unlocked basement door of the Millard family home.

"I kept thinking this really can’t be happening surely someone didn’t come in and I was actually hesitant to call 911," said Sherri Millard

"I heard that go off. It was like 2am and I was like this is weird so I got up and I woke my mother up and I got my pistol out and ran down stairs to see what was going on," said Taylor Millard.

Armed with his gun, Taylor told WDEF that  he followed Vaughan to a parked vehicle.

Seconds later police arrived on scene and began chasing Vaughan until he ran his vehicle into a wall.

Vaughan was initially charged with burglary and DUI until police expanded their investigation of the vehicle was driving. Officers found countless items that were reported stolen from several vehicles in Red Bank.

Vaughan is now facing four counts of burglary and three counts of theft to along with the DUI.

Red Bank Police Chief Tim Christol told WDEF that Vaughan’s arrest was a major accomplishment based on Vaughan’s lengthy criminal history.

"Looking at his history, he’s 25-years old and he has a very very extensive history of more than 25 felony convictions for theft and burglary. So this is someone as far as I’m concerned is career criminal. At 25-years old he’s a career criminal," Christol said.

Vaughan has felony criminal convictions that date back to 2007.

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