Corker shares concerns about our country

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Senator Bob Corker shared his thoughts on why he thinks the country is in a sad place.

Chattanooga Christian School had a special guest on Friday. Senator Bob Corker toured the school. He saw their new expansion and met with students and teachers.

He says he doesn’t stay in Washington often and likes to come back to Chattanooga.

“I think in today’s age it is good to go home and see people in the grocery store, the dry cleaners, around your communities and to be able to stay in constant contact. So it is important to me anyway,” Senator Corker said.

In addition to touring the school, Senator Corker talked about the conflict between President Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

“The President would like to see him end some of the investigations that are underway or do things in a different manner. It has been clear to me that there is a move, afoot to after the midterm elections to cause him to be gone,” Senator Corker said.

He fears what may happen to Sessions.

“Just because he is not doing, if you wil,l what he believes is the wrong thing for the country, but what the President wishes for him to do as it relates to these investigations. They all began because the president fired the FBI director.”

He doesn’t like what’s been happening.

“We are just in a really sad place right now for our county,” Senator Corker said.

He feels recent situations could have been handled differently.

“It has been very damaging to our justice system to have a president that is undermining the justice system in the way that he is and again it just degrades our nation,” he said.

Senator Corker ended his tour by addressing a crowd of students.

The lawmaker is finishing up his last term. Marsha Blackburn and Phil Bredesen are running for his seat.
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