Coronavirus data used in decision to reopen Georgia flawed

ATLANTA, Georgia (WDEF) – In a week where Georgia officials have had to backtrack on how they handle Coronavirus testing, Governor Kemp used a different number today to make his case that reopening was right.

The controversy has been over the counting of positive tests.

Reports surfaced this week that Georgia has been combining results from both antibody and the CDC approved virus tests.

Combining the numbers boosts their case the Georgia is testing more people.

But the reports claim that any positive anti-body result was put into a different category… meaning the positive numbers would not go up.

The reason for separating the two tests is that they test different things.

The viral test shows if you have Covid-19 now.

The antibody test shows you if you had it in the past, but you could have it right now and get a negative result.

The volume of tests was a key stat mentioned by the Governor for his aggressive reopening plan.

Today, Governor Kemp stuck with another key data point.. the number of Georgians in the hospital now being treated for Covid-19 symptoms.

“We reached another milestone this week. As of today, we have less than 1000 patients hospitalized in our state. This is a 38-percent drop since May 1st.”

Georgia health officials say they will reconsider how they report the number of test and the positive cases.

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