New Online Coronavirus Self-Testing Tool is Available to the Public

CHATTANOOGA, TN – There’s a simple on-line tool that you and your family can use for guidance if you have questions about a coronavirus diagnosis. This assessment tool was developed by Centers for Disease Control and Microsoft, and can be found on the CDC website at

The tool can be accessed by clicking the blue box at the top of the page labelled, “Coronavirus Self-Checker.” The self-testing ‘bot’ (interactive software tool) asks users a series of questions to determine whether or not their symptoms merit further assessment for the virus.

“Testing supplies remain limited across much of the nation,” according to Rae Bond, Medical Society Executive Director. “The assessment tool lets people review their symptoms and suggests next steps in different situations. Of course, if people have a fever of 100.4 or higher or significant respiratory symptoms they should call their doctor or urgent care facility. With milder symptoms the tool can provide some helpful reassurance.”

“This tool is a helpful addition in our community response to COVID-19,” Bond concluded. “Our hope is that people will spend a few short moments answering some simple questions before they pick up the phone.  Our best tools in this fight are social distancing, self-quarantine, and thorough hand washing.”

The tool is also available on the Hamilton County Medical Society website, as well as the CHI Memorial and Erlanger hospital websites.

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