Corps of Engineers Works to Repair Chickamauga Lock

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) – Repair work got underway Thursday morning at Chickamauga lock on the gate-mechanism that shut down river traffic on Monday.
A work barge from Florence, Alabama is now inside the lock as crews begin to remove concrete to get to the gate assembly.
An inspection turned up a hair-line crack and the U-S army corps of Engineers halted the daily routine to get a better look.
LT. COLONEL JOHN HUDSON Nashville District Commander,Corps of Engineers
"We’re in the process of disassembling the upper part of the hinge of the miter gate, which is where the problem lies. We need to get the disassembly complete so we can fully assess and evaluate the problem ..And insure that our proposed solutions are going to work."
Colonel Hudson says the team will soon determine how long the lock will be out of service.
Right now the estimate is three weeks.
Meanwhile, at Ross’s landing, plans are moving ahead for the start of the Head of the Hooch rowing regatta tomorrow.
Almost ten-thousand rowers will take part.
Convention Bureau president Bob Doak says the problem with the lock will have a minimal effect on the annual event.

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