Could your cruise control someday ease traffic jams?

World's largest traffic experiment going on this week on I 24 in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (WDEF) – If you are driving on I-24 in Nashville this week, you could be a part of the largest traffic experiment in the world.

Vanderbilt, the University of California, Berkeley, TDOT and Nissan North America are teaming up to make it happen.

The goal is to get data on how to ease traffic jams.

For five days, they are sending out 100 Nissan rogues equipped with automation software.

They are testing whether adaptive cruise control can ease traffic congestion and save gas at the same time.

Basically, the vehicles will have drivers, but AI will decide how fast they will go. And then see if they impact the other vehicles around them.

The experiment will just whether the 100 vehicles can actually affect I 24 congestions for the good.

Vanderbilt engineering professor Dan Work says “At the end of the day, all this work is so that you can go to a car dealership, buy a new vehicle that has a cruise controller on it that not only is good for you, but makes traffic better for everyone… it just happens automatically. We think we’re getting closer and this is one big step to get the technology out of the labs.”

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