Councilman Grohn announces he will run for Mayor

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- The next seven months are going to be busy for Councilman Grohn, as he begins his campaign to make Chattanooga a better place.

“I will be running to be the next Mayor for the City of Chattanooga in the upcoming elections in March of next year,” announced Councilman Grohn.

Tuesday afternoon Grohn made his speech on the steps of city hall, wasting no time addressing his issues with Chattanooga’s current administration.

“For the past 3 and a half years, we’ve had an administration, that campaigned on the promises of openness transparency and accountability. That is far from what we have seen over the course of this administration.”

Grohn questioned the truth behind the city’s current 4.2 percent unemployment rate, which he claims isn’t 100 percent accurate.

“The reality is there are many areas of our city that are deep pockets of poverty, experiencing 16 to 40 percent unemployment. So my question is: Do you want a Mayor that tells you the truth about all the good and the bad going on in our city?” questioned Councilman Grohn.

Grohn also addressed the city’s Violence Reduction Imitative, which he says hasn’t been as successful as the city promised it would be.

“This administration put this program in place, saying that it would make our city safer. But folks bullets are still flying, people are still dying, and many sections of our city, people are living in fear.”

Grohn also mentioned Chattanooga’s lack of affordable housing, as well as his concerns for the inefficient care and maintenance of our city’s roadways.

“Together we can continue to push Chattanooga to greater heights. Together we can accomplish these goals. Together we need to solve the critical issues facing our city today, and I believe we can do that, because I believe in better.”

If elected, Grohn says his first budget will include 5-million dollars to at least maintain the city’s active roadways.

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