Councilmen urging community for input on Chattanooga Police Chief Selection

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) – Chattanooga mayor Andy Berke may have endorsed David Roddy as chief, but now it’s in the city council’s hands to confirm that nomination. They say you can be a part of the decision.

Both councilmen Anthony Byrd and Deputy Chief Roddy say now is the time for members of the Chattanooga community to step up and be heard. Whether you are a resident or a business owner in this community, your input is needed to help council members make this big decision. 

Mayor Berke says “Ladies and gentlemen I want to introduce to you my pick for chief of police … David Roddy.”

Deputy Chief David Roddy was selected from a list of 3 by Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke. Roddy has 23-years of experience with the police force and says he says he doesn’t describe his plans a different.

Deputy Chief Roddy says, “I wouldn’t describe it as different… I would say it’s the next chapter. This is a chapter where he says he will continue things that have worked well with the department.

“A lot of the people where a lot of the violence is happening now, like gang violence and killing, you know they wanted something different,” says Councilmen Anthony Byrd.

Deputy Chief Roddy says now it’s about hearing from the people he serves and the city council wants to facilitate that conversation at their next public safety meeting that is proposed for the 15th of August.

Roddy says, “My first priority is to stop for a moment and give people the opportunity to express that to me, express that to this department and then we develop those goals and missions together. I want to hear some concerns that may not have already been expressed to me.”

“I salute to our police department, and a major salute to Roddy and we are going to get it right. We just want to hear from the people, and I think it is only fair coming from a council men,” says Byrd.

The city council will vote to approve Roddy as the new chief in the coming weeks. You can find the contact information for your council member here.

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