Councilwoman calls for investigation into alleged CPD cover-up

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Chattanooga City Councilwoman Demetrius Coonrod is calling for more investigations into the Chattanooga Police Department.

That’s after information surfaced that names high-ranking officers in a cover-up controversy.

Councilwoman Coonrod has named current chief David Roddy, former assistant chief Edwin McPherson and former Captain Pedro Bacon in an alleged cover-up of rape allegations from last year.

The councilwoman is now urging the rest of city council to support an external investigation into the entire department.

During Tuesday’s Strategic Planning Meeting, Councilwoman Coonrod asked for a deeper investigation into the Chattanooga Police Department.

This comes after reports surfaced that implicate multiple high-level officers in covering up years of rape allegations against former Chattanooga Police officer Desmond Logan.

Coonrod believes current Police Chief David Roddy is one of those officers.

“She’s calling for an independent investigation like what they had with the rape allegations, to now find that the police chief and other high ranking officers may have covered that up way before then. That needs to widen the scope of the investigation,” NOOGARadio commentator Marie Mott said.

Chief Roddy is named because he was in the Internal Affairs division at the time of the allegations.

“We need some people who can be objective and truthful in bringing that information to the public so we can truly clean up the police department, and I believe that she really wants that to happen because she wants that bridge of trust to be built back from the police department and the community,” Mott said.

CPD spokeswoman Elisa Myzal says in a statement:

“The Chattanooga Police Department is currently cooperating with two agencies that are investigating a former officer’s alleged criminal actions. If the councilwoman believes there’s a need for a more expansive investigation then she should make that request to the appropriate agency. If that request is believed to be of merit, then CPD will fully cooperate with that investigation.”

Mayor Andy Berke, who helped appoint Chief Roddy, also released a statement.

“The administration and the Chattanooga Police Department have turned over all relevant information regarding this incident to the FBI. It is up to them to determine what course of action they will pursue with that material. We will continue to cooperate fully with the FBI in their investigation.”

News 12 spoke with the city attorney Phil Noblett. He says Councilwoman Coonrod needs to get an investigation request on the city council’s agenda. Then, if the majority vote in favor, an investigation can begin.

Stick with us as we keep a close eye on this developing story.

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