Counterfeit Bills Passed At Walmart

Lafayette officials say incidents involving counterfeit money are fairly common and in most cases, unintentional.

"A lot of times people will unwittingly possess or even pass counterfeit bills that happens, they don’t know its counterfeit," says Lafayette Police Department Captain Stacey Meeks.

However when an associate at Walmart processed four counterfeit bills, she immediately notified the police.

"A white male and a white female and there was actually a small white child that was with them. They passed four counterfeit one-hundred dollar bills over four different transactions," says Meeks.

The female employee tells authorities she was processing money from November 22nd when four bills marked counterfeit with a counterfeit pen; that’s when she noticed all four of them had the same serial number.

Jim Ingram, Vice President of the Bank of Lafayette, says, "If you see two bills with the same serial number then you know that those are counterfeit,".

Ingram says criminals committing forgery will print bills, use the same serial number, and then try to pass them at different locations.

According to reports, each bill was passed at a different register in the store.

The couple walked away with more than three-hundred dollars in change.

Meeks says after watching the surveillance video, its clear this was a conspiracy to commit a criminal act.

"This couple conspired to commit this criminal act. It was deliberate, calculated, well-planned," says Meeks.

First degree forgery in Georgia is a felony carrying up to 15 years in prison.

Both suspects face four counts of forgery.

This case is still under investigation.

If you have any information regarding this crime, call the Lafayette Police Department at (706) 639-1540.

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