County Approves $1.5 Million for Emergency Services

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — The County Commission has approved three point six million dollars in american Rescue Plan Funding to assist local programs and institutions such as the Tivoli Theatre and Girls Inc.

A sum of one point five million dollars is going to certain volunteer fire departments and emergency services. That money is for capital purchases such as new vehicles and equipment.

“Speaking on our department, we could use it for anything from apparatus to a new air compressor for filling SCBA bottles,” said Brent Massey, Deputy Chief of Highway 58 Volunteer Fire Station.

In some cases, this money will be used to replace aging equipment.

“We have a medical truck that’s twenty-five years old, and a pumper tanker that’s twenty-eight years old, and that money will go toward replacing those two vehicles,” said Duane Pitts, Chief of Tri-Community Volunteer Fire Department.

At tri-community volunteer fire department, a new medical truck will help meet the increased demand for medically-oriented emergency services.

“We’re running more and more medical calls every day. More than half of our number of calls a year are medical related, so it’s important, and then when we’re in areas with a pumper tanker that don’t have hydrants, then we have to rely on tankers to bring the water in,” said Pitts.

Some of the funding will also go to agencies such as special tactics and rescue services.

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