County Mayor Jim Coppinger’s Final Term Comes to an End

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) — At noon, the current Hamilton County Board of Commissioners adjourned for the last time.

Beginning tomorrow, four commissioners will be replaced and two additional commissioners will be added to represent new Districts 10 and 11.

Mayor Jim Coppinger will be succeeded by Mayor-elect Weston Wamp, and the board will need to appoint a new Chairman to replace Sabrena Smedley.

“Big change tomorrow, huge change for Hamilton County. Biggest political change, I guess, as far as county government goes, in the history, as far as I know, of the current form of government,” said Tim Boyd, outgoing County Commissioner for District 7.

The commissioners, Mayor Coppinger, and their staff spent their last meeting together commending one another on their achievements.

They expressed appreciation for their ability to work together, despite disagreements.

“There’s been things we’ve had differences on. I didn’t get everything that I asked for, nor should I have. But I think, you know, the things that were really critical to this community, this county, we were able to do that, working together,” said outgoing Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger.

“But it’s not Republicans and Democrats. I have worked as closely with my democratic friends up here as I have my Republican friends, and I thank y’all so much,” said Randy Fairbanks, outgoing County Commissioner for District 1.

All outgoing commissioners showed thanks to their constituents, and hoped for further progress in Hamilton County as their offices change hands.

“It is my hope that during my service, that I have created ripples of change that have been seen and felt, ripples that look at the issues and the hearts of people, not necessarily parties,” said Katherlyn Jeter, outgoing County Commissioner for District 5.

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