Couples Renew Vows at Harley Davidson

Valentine’s day is on Sunday, but some people celebrated a day before.

They skipped the candy and cards and went straight for the “I do…” Again!

30 couples gathered together that Thunder Creek Harley Davidson to renew her vows.

They lined down the aisle with motorcycles and made their way under the arch and down to the officiate to renew their life-long commitment to each other.

The annual vow renewal brings couples and their families together in the spirit of love.

The Ellis’ have been married for 30 years.

“We didn’t get to do it last year. it was the first year that we’d missed. We’re doing it with our family. It’s a group effort we’re all together as a family, as a Harley group, and that’s what makes it so different.”

Bob and Annie Thacker have been for 10 years. they first said, I do, overseas.

“When we got married in China we decided we wanted to do something new here in America. This looked like a good opportunity for us to something that was fun and renew our vows. It was quite emotional. It was a good thing to do and I think it’s something that someone should do every so often.”

After the vows were renewed couples and their families had an even sweeter day at the reception with cupcakes and cookies and a few smooches too.

Jimmy and Bobbie Kelly renewed their vows for the first time at the event and said they’re proud to be members of the Harley Davidson group.

“We do one day rides, a lot of socializing, a lot of fun. and it’s a family. We love motorcycles, you love your hog family as we call them and it’s just a different and unique way to do things.”


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