A COVID-19 announcement for Northwest Georgia

ROME, Georgia (WDEF) – If you live or work in Dade, Walker, Catoosa, Murray or Whitfield Counties, you are in the clear as of right now from COVID-19.

However, a health director from your area says you really aren’t.

Officials with the state health department over the 10 northwest Georgia counties say it is clear that the coronovirus is already among us.

The nearest positive test so far are in Gordon County, Rome and just across the state line in Chattanooga.

But director Dr. Gary Voccio says  “Everyone should operate under the assumption that there is transmission in your community already.”

Dr. Voccio adds COVID-19 testing is only available now for those that are symptomatic and have been evaluated by a qualified healthcare provider.

“Many people are going to get sick, but based on what we know about this virus, most people will not develop serious illness.”

So avoid places with large crowds, no hugs, no handshakes, and maintain that six foot distance from others.

The CDC is suggesting avoiding groups of 50 or larger for the next 8 weeks.

President Trump today reduced that number to groups of ten over the next 2 weeks.

Today’s Georgia Department of Health shows the number of positive cases so far in the state are split between the young adult and older adult categories (4% are children, so far)

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