Covid-19 Cases are the lowest in 11 months

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – Coronavirus cases across the country have plummeted to the lowest rates  in more than 11 months, sparking optimism that vaccination events are slowing both the spread of the virus and the number of severe Covid cases.

Although hospitalizations, deaths, and the amount of new coronavirus cases have fallen dramatically since the spike in January, experts warn that the pandemic is not over.

“It was just a few months ago that we had 80-90 patients in all of our hospitals so to get down to single digits as a part of the census is wonderful. The caution I would urge is that we still have people with covid. They are still sick enough to get hospitalized,” says Dr. Mark Anderson, Infectious Disease at CHI Memorial Hospital

The number of Active cases in Hamilton County is less than 500 with an average of less than 40 new cases daily. 

Local physicians say the vaccine is largely to thank for the major drop in cases but there are other contributing factors. 

“The numbers grew so high back in the winter that there were very few people who didn’t know someone that didn’t have a bad case of Covid. I think people were starting to take better precautions. I think that helped and then the vaccine sort of added to that and became synergistic with it. But there are a fair number of people who are not vaccinated but had covid. So the natural immunity so far is pretty good,” says Dr. Anderson. 

With the CDC and Hamilton County relaxing mask mandates , health experts are concerned about another, if  the public isn’t careful. 

“There is a concern that people are taking less precautions because of that announcement and we will see another surge. That’s a big worry. If we get more people vaccinated it won’t happen. Places in the county where there is a really high percentage of vaccination, Covid truly is disappearing,” says Dr. Anderson.

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