Covid-19 concerns cause parents to look at online schooling options

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn (WDEF) – With a recent surge in Covid-19 cases and the lack of vaccine availability for minors, some parents are hesitant for their children to return to the traditional classroom- so they are enrolling their students in another option- full-time online schools.

The Tennessee Connections Academy is just one of those options. It’s tuition-free and allows students to receive a public school education from the comfort of their homes. 

“We have a lot of families that are concerned for the safety of their students especially with this new variant on the rise and coming our way. This allows students to get all of the benefits they would get in a public setting or brick and mortar school. They still have a teacher that works with them virtually online and has a fully loaded curriculum. It does teach all of the same standards and benchmarks that Tennessee requires,” says Tennessee Connections Academy Teacher, Hannah Phillips.

With the turbulence of the previous school year causing a flip-flop between in-person and virtual learning, this type of public online schooling offer not only flexibility- but stability. It’s a type of schooling that convinced the Sweaton family to make the switch. 

“They will send you books, workbooks, art supplies for the little ones. It’s little to no cost. Anybody with a stable internet connection will be able to participate. The flexibility was the main thing that drew us to the connections academy.” “I get to go to parks a lot and that makes me really happy because when I was in normal school I wasn’t able to go to parks but on the weekends,” says Danny Sweaton and his Daughters, who attend Tennessee Connections Academy. 

“With the congruency and continuation throughout the year, students are not missing anything. They are not coming in and out of different types of settings. They have a type of schooling that they can rely on,” says Phillips.

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