COVID-19 testing around the Holidays

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- COVID-19 cases continue to increase due to the Omicron variant health officials are worrying about potential spread due to the holidays.

President Joe Biden announced starting in January the government will provide 500 million free rapid home-testing kits, increase support for hospitals under strain and increasing vaccination and boosting efforts.

Even before the free teat become available, public health scientist Dr. Julie Swann recommends having a few days between seeing people from work and seeing people for the holiday gatherings.

“One way is to make sure that you’ve had significant isolation between when you’re gathering with one group and when you take the test and go to see another group of people. I do recommend having at least a couple of days in between school and work place interactions and then take the test and then go to your social gatherings. Are you also recommend using the test after your social gatherings, maybe a couple days later,” said Swann.

People will be able to request a rapid test online and it will be delivered free of charge.

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