COVID Pneumonia and its viral impact

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “The popular slang going around, and in some of the scientific journals, is describing it like a wildfire,” said Pulmonologist, Dr. Michael Czarnecki, M.D.

“The viral pneumonia widespread information, leaky cells in your lungs, it attacks your lungs, And there’s an overwhelming immune or inflammatory response to attack the virus,” said Dr. Czarnecki.

COVID Pneumonia is viral and antibiotics do nothing as compared to a typically know case of pneumonia, which is bacterial.

“Viral diseases, we don’t have really any good therapy treatments for them, certainly SARS-CoV-2 virus is much different than any other virus ever experienced,” said Dr. Czarnecki.

COVID-19 pneumonia spreads like many “wildfires” throughout the lungs.

“We’ll see people tend to get better after the first 14 days and then all of a sudden, they turn for the worse. Develop overwhelming inflammation and you have what you describe as COVID pneumonia,” said Dr. Czarnecki.

Dr. Czarnecki said COVID Pneumonia takes over your cells.

“Viruses do their damage by taking over normal human cells apparatus, or operations, and produce more virus with your own cells. It’s very hard to eliminate that or attack your own cells, when they’ve already been taken over,” said Dr. Czarnecki.

He said there are not many viral treatments, particularly with this disease, which is where vaccines come into play.

“You should feel safe (about the vaccine) and confident that the vaccination is 95% effective at preventing COVID-19 disease,” said Dr. Czarnecki.

We did reach out to people who have been impacted by COVID Pneumonia but, due to the nature of the disease, they wished not to speak.

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