COVID Task Force navigates vaccine shortages

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- “We’re competing nationwide and with other states,” said COVID task force lead Rae Young Bond.

The limited number of vaccines has impacted nearly everyone. As Phase 1 continues, Hamilton County has run out of vaccines multiple times.

“The challenge throughout this has really been a resource issue, can you get the resources you need. Overtime medical practices will be able to administer vaccines but all that depends on supply,” said Bond.

She said those eligible to receive a vaccine can book an appointment online.

People need to first of all watch for an announcement of when a vaccine becomes available. They can make appointments through the phone line or if they have computer access they can make an appointment electronically,” said Bond.

She said Tennessee has done a good job rolling out the vaccine despite the limited number of vaccines from the top down.

“A good part of that allocation actually isn’t going to the health department. It’s goi

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