COVID vaccine demand continues to outpace supply

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tennessee- “We need to get vaccines to them, so we can get as many people vaccinated as possible,” said Pharmacist Jacob Standefer.

A COVID variant has been confirmed in Hamilton County.

Jacob Standefer with Access Family Pharmacy said the UK variant is up to 50 percent more transmissible

“Just means that it’s more infectious so higher likelihood that this can be transmitted from person to person,” said Standefer.

He said this stresses the importance of getting more people vaccinated as quickly as possible.

One place people can get vaccines is now at the Enterprise South Natural Park. Hamilton County Health Department said this site can accommodate more appointments than the other two sites, and it is in another part of our community.

Standefer said that’s a start, but Hamilton county needs to go beyond that.

“Here in Hamilton County, we need to do a better job of getting vaccines to more providers. Whether it’s a pharmacist, urgent care clinic anybody who wants to vaccinate people. Instead of just having these, isolated mass immunization sites,” said Standefer.

Standefer said they have the people in place to give the vaccinations, they have the resources to help people with appointments, what they don’t have is enough access to vaccines.

“As we get this vaccine to more providers it will open up accessibility to those who can’t go online and make appointments. We’ve got patients who can hardly sign their name much less go online, go on a computer and book an appointment. We take phone calls here to schedule vaccines as well as our other Pharmacy locations, just a big thing here in Hamilton County is being able to get the vaccine,” said Standefer.

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