COVID vaccine effectiviness could be linked to sleep

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- Sleep Medical Specialist Doctor Anuj Chandra said sleep is crucial for so many aspects of our lives and health.

“Three things that are essential for life; good nutrition, exercise, and sleep. Without sleep, we cannot live,” said Chandra.

He said this also extends to your body’s fight against COVID-19. He says heavy sleep one day and unable to sleep the next is common while sick.

“The body is trying to recover but then, you oversleep and you’re recovering a little bit. So now the next day you caught up with your sleep debt, so you just won’t be able to sleep,” said Chandra.

Sleep is also a key part in how your body responds to vaccines. He said less sleep decreases vaccines’ effectiveness.

“Medical students and healthcare professionals were over stressed and under-slept. Their antibody response to the vaccine was much more blunted versus those who were well-rested and those stress-free,” said Chandra.

Based on research, he strongly recommends getting two full nights of sleep before and after getting a vaccine. Which for adults is around 6 to 8 hours.

“From flu to Hepatitis vaccines, when people had two nights of good sleep it showed that their immune response was much better and stronger once they were well (rested),” said Chandra.

He also recommends a consistent sleep schedule and putting down the technology for an hour before bed.

“A majority of people, we’re checking our text or checking emails until pretty much when we’re going to sleep and the blue light dissipates the melatonin and just the act of trying to check your text and looking at your emails is an alerting signal to the brain,” said Chandra.

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