COVID vaccine given at Memorial Hospital

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee- The first wave of Pfizer COVID vaccines were administered at Memorial Hospital Thursday.

Infectious disease Doctor Mark Anderson was the first to receive the vaccination. He said getting the vaccination is a humbling experience.

“I have a great sense of gratitude for the people who worked on and developed this vaccine and did it so quickly,” said Anderson.

He said he is confident the vaccine is safe.

“I do not think that this was raised or any corners are cut I feel like they built an amazing work that’s been done prepare for a pandemic like this,” said Anderson.

“This is what’s going to keep us safe this is what’s going to keep us healthy this is what’s going to save lives,” Hamilton.

Hamilton also received the vaccine and calls this vaccine the light at the end of the tunnel.

It is the beginning of the beginning of relief it’s the light that we’ve all been searching for. And this is about as encouraging as it gets the opportunity to provide unity for our community is a tremendously exciting thing for us,” said Hamilton.

Hamilton said receiving the vaccine will help protect them which will allows them to help others.



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