Covid Vaccine Scams

CATOOSA COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- Georgia’s state health department and the Attorney General are warning residents about scammers claiming to sell covid vaccines.

“You can literally walk in today to some of the pharmacies and not even have an appointment and get the vaccine” said Jim Winsett of the Better Business Bureau.

With a variety of options to get your vaccine, Winsett says scammers are taking advantage of people’s urgency to get their shots.

“I think you have the fear factor that’s been involved. People are anxious and they want to get the vaccine as quickly as they can for the protection.”

Georgia’s Department of Public Health offers these warnings to watch out for any sign of a scam.

You cannot pay to put your name on a list for the vaccine.

You cannot buy a vaccination through mail, online, or in store.

No legitimate distribution site, insurance company, or department of health will call asking for your personal information.

“Social Security number. Perhaps even financial credit card information. Those type things” said Winsett.

The general message, you should never have to come out of pocket to get your covid vaccine.

“It is free. You do not pay in any way.”

As the country continues to endure the covid crisis, scammers continue to draw up new schemes.

“The latest thing that the BBB has become aware of is that now there is a survey being sent out to consumers via fishing type email. Within the survey they’re taking the approach that they’re representing the vaccine manufacturers. Pfizer, Moderna, J and J.”

The BB and North Georgia officials agree that scammers are less likely to target your region when vaccine supply matches the demand.

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