CPD gives weekly violent crimes update: overall crime has decreased

The Chattanooga Police Department is now holding weekly meetings to address the city’s violent crime trends. The major topics this week, robberies and domestic violence, both of which rise in the winter months.

Assistant Chief Glen Scruggs said domestic violence is a large factor in high violent crime numbers.

“Dealing with domestic violence and seeing those numbers spike across the country, I’m not sure if a lot of people are aware of it, but DV drives our violent crime numbers, sometimes they’re very impactful,” said Scruggs. “DV doesn’t always make the news but it always makes the numbers. It drives the violent crime. So we’re gonna have officers participating with the FJC to try to bring more awareness to that issue.”

“We still invite, need, and request the help of our public,” said CPD Chief Celeste Murphy. “You know, our residents in Chattanooga have been a vital part in our success.”

Chief Murphy said the only area of violent crime that has increased is robberies and with the holiday season fast approaching, she said CPD is already an action.

“For our robberies, which we have been noticing that is the one area and violent crime where we’re seeing an increase. We have already instituted the beginnings of a robbery detail will start also lead us into the holiday season,” said Chief Murphy.

Assistant Chief Glen Scruggs said, “Traditional components of safety during the holiday season, you know every year, these things are predictable across the country. Robbery crimes go up this time of year, so we’re gonna have officers where they need to be in the moment they need to be there.”

Crime overall in Chattanooga has decreased from 2021 to 2022, especially the categories that have been the subject of Chattanooga P D’s deterrence efforts.

These include aggravated assault, theft from vehicle and vehicle theft.

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