CPD on Increasing Auto Thefts in Scenic City

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. WDEF)- With warmer weather hitting the scenic city many people are starting to get out, but with that brings an increase of auto-related crimes.

“We’ve been leaving markers on cars just to let citizens know, ‘Hey, your car is vulnerable to criminal activity.'” said Cpt. Jerri Sutton of the Chattanooga Police Department.

Since December Chattanooga PD has seen a large increase of auto-related crimes.

They have been trying to spread the word to residents to keep cautious when it comes to their vehicles.

Now with the rising auto thefts and burglaries happening all around the downtown and Northshore areas Chattanooga PD is only asking you to do one thing and that is to lock your doors.

Cpt. Jerri Sutton says, ” We’re asking that citizens not leave their key fobs or their keys inside their vehicles, but instead take them with them. This lessons the vulnerability of having your vehicle stolen

Molly Ray, a local resident says, “I think that because the way the culture in North Chattanooga is that people will just feel comfortable because I lived up in North Chattanooga and I would always leave my doors unlocked.”

Molly Rae also says she started locking her cars after her own incident where someone tried to break into her car as well.

“It was a few years ago , they tried to get into my car, but it as like I didn’t have automatic locks , so I left it unlocked and they kinda just rummaged through it , but i didn’t have anything that they could take,” says Molly Rae.

CPD doesn’t have a suspect or any connections for the auto related crimes, but do warn that these types of crimes can spread and are not concentrated in any particular location.

“While they may be here today it may shift to another side of town tomorrow even further down into Georgia,” said Cpt. Sutton.

“Always lock your doors, no matter what, no matter how comfortable you think you are you maybe think that you can get away with it this time just always be sure to lock your doors,” said Molly Ray.

So far CPD has recovered about 3 vehicles that were stolen from a car lot, but again warn people to lock up their cars.

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