CPD Launches Holiday Season Robbery Initiative

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CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- With the holiday shopping season right around the corner, the Chattanooga Police Department wants residents and businesses alike to exercise more caution as we approach the season.

CPD is launching a holiday season robbery initiative today to raise awareness about the average rise in robberies and thefts during the holiday shopping season.

Lieutenant Scott Bales with the Chattanooga Police Department said that, “Historically, this time of the year going into January or February we see an increase in robberies of person. We are wanting to reach out and let everybody know about the initiative that we are going to try to be proactive in curbing some of the robberies. We’re going to be doing some educational pieces reaching out to businesses. Taking out some flyers to the businesses with some tips.”

Some tips Lt. Bales gave out included making sure that your cars are locked when you are not in them, with the keys on you and inside the vehicle. Always make sure your vehicle is turned off when not in use.

Additionally when out, don’t leave purses or wallets unattended. Lt. Bales also stressed to be discreet about how much money you have on you, only letting those you trust know how much you have.

Most importantly, Lt. Bales says being aware of your surroundings is critical, and to help CPD by “Reaching out if we have any information on suspects when we do send stuff out.”

If you see anything suspicious, make sure to contact Chattanooga Police at either 423-643-5100 or by submitting a tip via the Atlas One App (Formerly the CPD Mobile App). As with any case, you can remain anonymous.

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