CPD Rallies Around Baby Shot in Home Invasion

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF) – Bianca Horton, says, "I’m ready to say, Zoey sit down, as usual."

But instead Horton is by her daughter’s bedside, wondering if her 14-month-old will ever be able to walk again.

Horton adds, "She’s doing a little moving in her legs, they don’t know if it’s a reflex or not. That’s just something we have to work on in rehab."

On January 7th, a bullet went through Zoey’s back and into her spinal cord.

Three other people were also shot, one fatally.

Two days later, police arrested the man they say pulled the trigger, Cortez Sims.

Chief Fred Fletcher with the Chattanooga Police Department, says, "He will be accountable for his actions regardless of what his motivations turn out to be."

Lieutenant Tammy Cook has been helping the Horton’s ever since the first roll of crime scene tape was rolled out.

Cook adds, "This is as innocent as innocent gets."

Her goal is to raise $2,000 and collect some of the essentials, like diapers and clothes.

Cook says, "I see a 24-year-old mother. She has not only has the one-year-old child, but she also has three other children and her family has been split up."

Family members are taking care of the other three children while Horton focuses on Zoey.

That means no work and no paycheck coming in.

Horton adds, "Real stressful, it’s scary at this point."

But Horton tells us she’s concentrating on the positives.

Horton says, "She moves her arms, she plays, she stacks."

And believe it or not, she already forgave the man who police say almost gave Zoey a death sentence.

Horton adds, "I don’t have any hate in my heart anymore. I’m just happy that she’s still here with us."

The Chattanooga Police Department has set up an account to raise money for baby Zoey.

Go to http://www.gofundme.com/jz0fek

You can also drop off donations at the Chattanooga Police Department.

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