CPD urges residents against using postal drop boxes for sending checks

Chattanooga, TN (WDEF) – Starting back in the Summer, Chattanooga Police saw an uptick in fraud cases, the common denominator in all of these cases, checks that were being cashed after they had been stolen out of a Post Office dropbox.Sergeant Ken Massengale is on the Chattanooga Police Department’s robbery and fraud task force. He said the course of the summer the problem has grown into a trend.

“We’ve probably had, I’ve guessed 75 to 100 cases of these. Basically, they’re opening the dropbox and getting the mail. They’re also changing the amounts. So, your $80 check that you wrote to pay a bill. They will wash it and turn it into an $8,000 check,” said Sgt Massengale.

The theives have typically been using mobile or out of town banking, making them harder to nail down.

” A lot of them are cashing the checks through mobile banking,” said Sgt. Massengale. “We are kind of encourage people to do electronic payments if they can, if they are going to send a check through the mail, take them inside, which is safer. That’s about the only tips we really have.”

The Postal Service here in Hamilton County is increasing their workforce. The USPS will hold a job fair at their Shallowford Rd. location on Wednesday, October 26.

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