CPD Weekly Media Conference: Project SAFE Robbery initiative update

The Chattanooga Police Department’s Project SAFE kicked off October 7. During the first week the CPD has logged 80 robbery initiative efforts.

Harry Sommers, Executive Chief of Investigations with CPD said they made several arrests targeting individuals with various crimes.

“Aggregate charges have been with them. So there’s been aggravated robbery, aggravated kidnapping, carjacking, aggravated assault with a shooting, attempted murder, and even a bank robbery,” said Homer. “We’re kind of focusing much of our capability into this. We can chew gum and walk at the same time, we’re able to do other things. The focus of this on specific targets, using the scalpel instead of a big wide net enables us to do this without burning out.”

The CPD also said they saw correlation between their targeted efforts and an absence of crime within the young adult and teenage population during fall break, which is traditionally a time of high crime activity.

“We’re looking at a more collaborative approach of doing greater good for more. I think that’s where our success is coming from, because you know, we’re not getting this these isolated efforts at trying to reach so we may not be able to measure if that effort, ‘prevented anything’ but one thing we know we can say is that all of our children were safe,” said CPD Chief Celeste Murphy.

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