Crabtree Farms takes measures to protect plants

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — With colder temperatures, Tennessee Valley farmers have been having to stay on top of their plants.

At Crabtree Farms this cloth sticks out. It is protecting lettuce. When cold weather happens overnight they have to be prepared.

“What that is doing is it helps keep frost off these baby plants that have been recently planted and the ground is already a little bit warmer and so the ground will help keep the plants warm by releasing some of its heat and it stays in between the ground and cloth layer,” said Andy Boyd, a greenhouse assistant Crabtree Farms.

Other, more sensitive plants, go inside the greenhouse.

“But all of our tomatoes, peppers, basil, things like that, that can not tolerate such cold temperatures at 30, 32 degrees. They will either stay in the greenhouse or if we have them outside we actually have to work really hard to carry them all back into the greenhouse overnight, so that way they stay warm enough to survive,” Boyd said.

Wednesday night temperatures were just below freezing.

“So most of our stuff we weren’t too concerned about as long as we took these precautions for a few things. Like I said, those cooler season crops can tolerate low temperatures, but if they are really small we want to protect them,” Boyd said.

With warmer temperatures early in the season and now colder weather, it has been a little bit of a roller coaster.

“It has been challenging this year and we have to deal with that every year and just keep an eye on the forecast and be prepared to protect things,” Boyd said.

Some of the tomatoes that they brought in, will be for sale at their spring plant sale in early April.

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