Crews repair Lookout Valley water main break

LOOKOUT VALLEY, Tenn. (WDEF) — Crews spent the day repairing a major water main break in Lookout Valley.

When Duane Ouimette goes to turn on his spigot, nothing comes out. He has no water at his house.

“I have not had a chance to take a shower since I got out of work yesterday and it is not very pleasant. I’ll tell you,” Ouimette said.

He discovered the problem after doing some chores.

“I went to the sink to wash my hands and when I did there was just a little trickle of water coming out and I was like ‘Oh my God. What is going on?'” Ouimette said.

A water main break near Cummings Road and Wauhatchie Pike caused the problem. It happened on Wednesday. Tennessee American Water crews spent the day repairing a 12 inch pipe.

Thursday afternoon, crews were able to restore water to a majority of customers.
Officials say because of its challenging location, about 20 businesses ans homes are still without water.

“Our crews are out here working as safely and as quickly as possible just to make sure that water is restored because we know our customers rely on it,” said Daphne Kirksey, with Tennessee American Water.

This isn’t the only recent water main break.

“It is really hard to pinpoint reasons why main breaks occur. Sometimes in the winter you might be able to say when the pipe start thawing out and the soil shifts, that can be the reason. But we don’t really know a reason on this one,” Kirksey said.

Ouimette works down the road from his house at Lookout Valley Tool and Machine. The business is helping those in the neighborhood who didn’t have water.

“We did set up a water container down here if they want to fill up a five gallon pail to flush their commodes. We are trying to help the local people around here like that, but other than that there is not much more we can do, but wait,” Ouimette said.

If people see discolored water after its restored, Tennessee American Water officials say they should run their cold tap until it is clear.

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