D.A. Seeks Reward Money for Goetcheus Brothers Murder Case

        The District Attorney’s office opened their Cold Case unit back in October, and they said the Goetcheus Brothers Murder is one they think they can solve.
     District Attorney Neal Pinkston says they’ve gotten solid leads in the case over the past two years.
    Now they’re asking Governor Bill Haslam for reward money to help them get tips and bring their killer to justice.
     State law authorizes the Governor to award reward money to convict someone responsible for a homicide.
     "They can offer up to I believe it’s $50,000 for a class A felony, which this is above a class A felony so there’s good potential there and hopefully it will encourage more to come forward to further provide us information," Pinkston said.
        Sean and Donnie’s father David said he is excited about the progress in the case and sends a message to anyone that still has information about the murders.
        "I would pray that they would be able to come forward and give our family the relief of knowing the people who did this horrendous crime are off the streets," said David Goetcheus.
        If you have any infromation regaurding the crime contact the District Attorney’s Cold Case Unit at 423-209-7470 or at coldcase@hcdatn.org.
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