D.A.R.T. helps Gatlinburg Animals

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- During the fires, many people were left wondering how to take care of their pets while they were in shelters.

Hamilton county Disaster Assistance Response Team was deployed to help aid residents and returned earlier this week.

They assisted at the Rocky Top Athletic Complex, caring for as many as 42 dogs, 12 cats, and 1 lizard.

Because of the D.A.R.T team’s work, evacuees were actually able to keep to keep their animals with them during their stay in the shelter.

“This is the first time first time ever, of any of its kind- that they… The American Red Cross Shelter had a pet-friendly section where the residents could keep the animals with them and I applaud them for that and hands down because to me our group or our residents were a whole lot less stressed the tension was not as extensive, but was a whole lot less because they had their pets with them these people got out. I mean, some of them had to leave in less than 15 minutes,” said Renita Beaty who is the Hamilton County’s D.A.R.T team leader.

The Hamilton county D.A.R.T team held their first training class in 6 years, the last week of October.

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