DA: Resisting arrest charges dropped, TBI investigating

CHATTTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — The District Attorney has dismissed nine charges including resisting arrest for the man seen in a video being hit by police.

Neal Pinkston filed to dismiss Frederico Wolfe’S case Wednesday.

Wolfe was arrested last March for simple possession of drugs, driving under the influence and other charges.

The District Attorney’s office was made aware of the video last week. That’s when the DA requested a TBI investigation.

However, Tuesday at the city council, the council members assured the public that they would be asking for an investigation, as well.

“The courts right across the street from us and down the street from us are where any of these issues need to be ultimately resolved, as well as in the council rooms and the city council chambers,” defense attorney Robin Flores said at the NAACP parade Wednesday.

The courts and the council are both attempting to resolve an issue almost a year old.

That issue is seen in a video where an officer is seen hitting a man multiple times after a traffic stop.

Council members Anthony Byrd, Demetrius Coonrod and Russell Gilbert received unanimous support from the rest of city council Tuesday night to begin an investigation into the Chattanooga Police Department.

“This incident was clearest to date to show us that we have a lot of work to do,” Byrd said. “We have some awesome officers here, so this is not a police bashing, but it is a situation to some of those bad apples have to be removed.”

Right now, the council plans on looking into the police department themselves, while asking the district attorney for an independent investigation.

But the District Attorney’s office says they have already contacted TBI and have informed police Chief David Roddy of the state’s involvement.

“I think that’s a good thing. Seriously, any time when there’s something where there’s any question on whether an agency can be investigating themselves, it’s always good to have an outside body look at that.”

Legally, only law enforcement can investigate. In this case, that’s the TBI.

The City Council can tell Chief Roddy and Mayor Andy Berke any changes they want made. However, the department is not required to comply.

“The people say that they want justice, and we want justice. That’s why we were elected into these seats to bring justice,” Byrd said.

The City Council has asked Chief Roddy to present his case on the issue Tuesday.

The Chattanooga Police Department has declined to comment on either investigation at this time.

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