DA Stephen Crump has a plan to battle opioid epidemic

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) –  District Attorney General Steve Crump announced this week his new initiative in the fight against the opioid epidemic.

The initiative has five components. Crump hopes to address the issue by increasing prosecution for dealers, shifting some of the liability to pharmaceutical companies, continuing to work with community partners, creating advisory groups with stakeholders, and working to find funding for various treatment options.

We spoke with Crump about how you can be a part of this initiative to end this deadly epidemic and a counseling service about their role in this plan.

Crump says, “I think it can be as simple as contacting your state legislator or county commissioner and saying ‘hey we need your help.’ But beyond that get involved with us at the DA’s office and let us know that you want to be apart of this. We are creating a working group.”

Crump says those groups will be made up of people with law enforcement, medical providers, and just passionate members of the public.

Angel Berrios with Omni Services, says “We don’t care where you are in your life journey if you are starting out and everything’s great and hit rock bottom and we’re here no matter what.”

Crump expressed, “Families are being torn apart by this. It is an enormous problem that is impacting, not just families, but employees, government. It is really impacting every segment of society, but families are probably hit the hardest.”


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