Dade Co. Body Identified As Missing Woman Justine Creech

Trenton, GA (WDEF) Investigators now say the body they found with a vehicle off the side of a cliff in Dade County was probably the woman they’ve been searching for since June.

So now officials want to know what led to this tragic event?

And why did it take so long to find her?

WDEF News 12’s Caitlyn Jones searches for answers in our top local story.

Trenton Investigators now say they’re confident the body found next to a vehicle off the side of this cliff is Marie Creech; who’s been missing since June.

Trenton Investigator Tim Mitchell says, "The remains we found were wearing clothing items similar to what the female was wearing when she went missing, Mrs. Creech and it was also found with Mrs. Creech’s van."

After a six month search and calls of desperation from her husband Terry…

"Everyone’s who’s ever known you is missing you."

Investigator Tim Mitchell says they believe they’ve reached the end of the road.

"Not the ending we wanted. We really wanted to find Mrs. Creech alive, and return her to her family safe and sound, and unfortunately we just couldn’t do that," says Investigator Mitchell.

He says the changing of the season could have played a large part into why it took so long to locate her body.

"I actually personally went and looked off the bluff area there looking for the van, but just couldn’t see it because of the leaves and the foliage earlier in the summer, but now that it’s winter the leaves are gone and you can see," Mitchell says.

So why did Creech’s van go off a cliff? Her husband says she suffered from depression, but hadn’t been taking her medications for about a week.

Mr. Creech says, "She can become disoriented, that has happened before, never to this degree, but things change when you’re taking those kinds of medications."

Investigator Mitchell says they don’t suspect foul play, but suicide isn’t out of the question.

"It is a possibility at this time, but we can’t really comment on that until we get through with the investigation," Inv. Mitchell says.

The remains were sent to a crime lab in Atlanta for positive identification.

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