Dade Commissioners discuss blocking Cloudland Caynon Park

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The Dade County Commission discussed concerns tonight about the crowds visiting Cloudland Canyon State Park on Lookout Mountain.

The park has been packed since people have been sent home by the Covid-19 crisis.

Commissioner Allan Bradford says 369 vehicles went into the park on Saturday morning.

He counted 68 cars in one spot when he went by there today.

And he says none of them are from Dade County.

Most are coming from the Atlanta counties and states ranging from Florida to New York.

Bradford says they are supposed to limit the park to a total of 150 cars, but he never saw anyone at the gate.

There are just 3 park officials handling Cloudland Canyon now, but they are expecting to get two more for the weekend.

County executive Ted Rumley is going to send Governor Brian Kemp a resolution asking him to close the park.

He is threatening to send deputies up to the county road that leads into Cloudland Canyon if the Governor doesn’t take action.

They would check driver’s licenses.

If you are from Dade County, you can pass.

But if you are from an outside area with a Shelter in Place order, they would send you home.

The mayor is also going to ask deputies to do the same thing on all county road, through an emergency act.

During the discussion, Commissioner Phillip Hartline asked if they want to Governor to shutdown a state park, shouldn’t they also close their own Sports Complex and the Trenton park.

The Mayor only wants to limit outside traffic, not local.

But he and other commissioners seemed open to closing them all.

Still, no action was adopted on Thursday, other than sending the resolution to Governor Kemp.

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