Dade County Avoids Tax Hike

     After more than two and a half hours of arguing in a public hearing, Dade County Commissioners weren’t able to pass a whopping 44.28 percent tax increase.
     A packed house opposed to that tax hike might have had something to do with it.
        Commission Chairman Ted Rumley said the tax increase has been needed since 2011, but because of the tornadoes that heavily damages the area. He said they didn’t want to burden residents with higher taxes.
        Now, they’re left with no reserve fund and a growing debt.
     Residents spent most of the meeting talking about what the county is doing wrong.
     "You got too many people that works for the county, there’s several offices you can go in here and there’s five or six people and four of them ain’t doing nothing.  Their sitting over there picking their nose or whatever," one resident said.
   Commissioners said they’ll have to go back to the drawing board now and figure out where they can cut more costs and services.
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