Dade County building new reservoir

TRENTON, Georgia (WDEF) – The drought two years ago came close to drying up Dade county’s water supply.

Local leaders there are now taking steps to build a water reserve for future use which includes a reservoir.

Dade County leaders have had their eye on this 70 acre parcel just south of highway 136 for several years.

It’s a perfect location for a reservoir, according to county executive Ted Rumley, but they never expected the family to sell the land. That’s changed now and plans are being made.

“Water, as everyone knows, is critical, it’s a very valuable commodity and it’s a natural resource that you’ve got to have to live. You know it’s not like oil or gasoline or whatever you know, uh but water’s very critical. And in our future, our children’s future and our grandchildren, this is a critical move. This will be one of the most important moves, as far as government goes, especially the water authority that happen in many, many years in Dade County.”

The county commission discussed the possibilities and agreed to put down 50-thousand dollars in earnest money to hold the property.
The owner wants 500-thousand dollars and the total cost of a reservoir has not been determined.

Rumley says such a reservoir could be used for a lot of other purposes, including recreation.

Rumley says the county commission is looking for grant money from the state of Georgia and private groups to help move that propject along over the next few years.

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