Dade County Collecting Donations For Storm Aftermath

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF)- Dade county folks remember the immediate help they got from residents of Northeast Alabama back in 2011 when tornadoes screamed through the county.

And that’s why they began a drive today for food, clothing, household items, and other things that people need when they lose their homes.

Rosalie, Alabama suffered the loss of three people in Wednesday’s storm, but scores of people now have homes that are heavily damaged or destroyed.

Dade county and Trenton residents responded to the call for help.

“This is a real strong community, with a lot of strong values, and so if word gets out they’re always good to open their heart and their pocketbook,” said the Trenton Commissioner Monda Wooten.

Monda Wooten, like hundreds of other Dade county residents lost their homes, or sustained heavy damage in the 2011 storms.

The group plans to send several loads of goods to Rosalie.

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